Road Roller
Road Roller
HW-S600 Double Drum Road Roller
Weight: 650Kg
Rated Power: 8Hp
Exciting force: 30Kn
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Small  road roller has become an indispensable mechanical equipment in all kinds of engineering construction because it is not limited by space, easy to operate and has high economic benefits. 


As a mechanical product with fine operation, smaller turning radius is of great importance. At the same time, the hydraulic walking unit also makes the walking and stopping function realized. 


In order to make the operation more convenient, our small road roller adopts push-to-start function, high power drive motor, double steel wheel drive device. With atomization spray, scraper, driving more smoothly.



1.Famous brand engine, superior performance ; 

2.Work radius is small, can work in narrow space ; 

3.Hydraulic vibration, large exciting force ; 

4.Beauty, smooth lines, rust resistance and corrosion resistance.

Don 't worry about product quality problems because these machines have passed the EU CE, France TUV, ISO quality certification. 

Don 't worry about shipping, we ' ll choose the nearest shipping place to ship at the shortest time.

We offer you the manufacturer ' s price, which may be the most cost-effective Road roller. 

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Working weight(kg)650
Exciting force(Kn)30
Engine modelChangchai/Changfa178
Engine power(Hp)8
Steel wheel size(mm)Φ430*600*2
Vibration frequency(Hz)70
Walking speed(km/h)0-4

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